Caravan/Holiday Park Planning & Desgn

Caravan/Holiday Park Design


Caravan/Holiday parks provide affordable holiday accommodation in a wide range of stay options. Caravan/Holiday parks can also provide low affordable housing for permanent occupation.

Caravan/Holiday Park planning & design will consider & deal with:

Location accessibility to topography of land native environment, water & water courses, power, effluent, maintenance requirements, building costs & supply of goods & services.

Type of client base to be attracted to a Caravan/Holiday Park.

Caravan/Holiday Park facilities required to cater for that client or type of client, security, staffing requirements.

A planner should have knowledge of all individual state and local government Caravan Park Building Regulations,Caravan and Camping Grounds Act requirements, building codes relative to Statutory Issues of local Shire /Council and State Government including zoning and environment.

When designing a Caravan/Holiday Park it is important to know and target the type of person that the location will attract and provide facilities for that demographic. A planner must consider a wide range of specifics to ensure the Caravan/Holiday Park's overall success.

For a Caravan/Holiday Park to be sustainable it ideally needs to operate 12 months of the year.

If the Caravan/Holiday Park is to cater only for a specific period of a year then a planner will need to consider how to maximise the return and efficiencies in the season weighed against maintenance and trading cost of the low season.