Caravan/Holiday Park Planning & Desgn

Caravan/Holiday Park Planning

Caravan/Holiday Park Planning

The planning and design details involved in the construction or reshaping of a caravan/holiday park are more involved today than in years past. It is a complex issue when considering designing a caravan/holiday park for today’s users and involves specific design and understanding of issues such as socio economic areas where the park is situated, which in itself adds many more varied considerations. Modern caravan/holiday parks can be likened to suburban subdivisions and the planning takes in many similar conditions. These include site area, lot size, floor space to lot area ratios, setbacks, road design, utilities and services, storm water design, vegetation, solar access, audio and visual privacy, building materials, flood liable land and bush fire hazards.

Over the years, Caravan/Holiday Parks have evolved in their growth and as such have seen a varied shape within caravan/holiday parks and now caravan/holiday park owners are experiencing problems such as…..

· Not enough power available (Larger current demanded by users) · Bigger Vans (RV’s etc) · Larger sites required · What does the future hold

Larger vans & RV’s need to be considered along with the additional draw on facilities of the caravan/holiday park.

The key factor of any design is to provide a high quality of living and to create an enjoyable environment for both permanent and casual occupants. This was achieved by…… Reviewing the current caravan /holiday park layout

Reviewing the current operation of the caravan/holiday parks

· Turnover      

· Profit Controls      

· Management      

· Maintenance      

· Expenses

Reviewing the need of tourism & permanent accommodation for the area

The plan will look at all Green issues and cutting costs in relation to….

· Maintenance of Caravan/Holiday Parks      

· Remote Caravan/Holiday Parks      

· Flora/Fauna      

· Sola v Gas/Electricity      

· Government Rebates      

· Type of plant & equipment

As we mention above, most caravan/holiday parks evolve through time rather than planned with future changes being considered. A planned site will offer greater asset value for the caravan/holiday park owners.

First considerations when commencing Caravan/Holiday Park Planning include….

· A review of the current Caravan/Holiday Park layout     

· A review of the current operation of the Caravan/Holiday Park including             

Ø Turnover             

Ø Profit Centres             

Ø Management

Ø Maintenance             

Ø Expenses     

· A review of the needs of Tourism and Permanent Accommodation for the area

The Plan will then look at all the green issues & cost services             

Ø Flora/ Fauna             

Ø Sola v Gas/Electricity             

Ø Government Rebates             

Ø Type of Plant & Equipment

We are specialists in tourism, hospitality (resorts, caravan/holiday parks )

Our business consulting includes business planning, and now Caravan/Holiday Park layout & design planning.

Park Planning staff is experienced in all aspects of caravan/holiday park operation and management. We have a fully qualified design team who under the watchful eye of the groups leader, Dale Wood offering a complete design and planning service for your caravan/holiday park.

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