Caravan/Holiday Park Planning & Desgn

Caravan/Holiday Park Sustainability

Caravan/Holiday Park Sustainability

One area of Caravan/Holiday Park planning that should be considered in any plans is SUSTAINABILITY,included in this is consideration for the carbon generated within a Caravan/Holiday Park.Therefore below we briefly discuss this and a couple of other thoughts.
Carbon Monitoring
Consideration should be given to the use of a simple Carbon Management tool that measures and monitorseach caravan park's use of:
·   Electricity
·   Gas
·   Petrol
·   Diesel
·   Mixed Waste
·   Water
·   Paper
A Carbon Management system that you couldconsider is an affordable user friendly web based tool that complies with international greenhouse gasconversion protocols. Consistent use of this tool across thesector will allow for a comparison between participants on an emission per square metre basis. Read More....